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bmpr offsite was born out of the idea that International manufacturing and construction companies, whose own prefabrication construction housing markets were still in their infancy, could benefit from the experience and expertise of those involved in projects and products that were successful in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Education on a Global Scale


We provide our clients with education based on experience and expertise

Whatever your requirements:-


45 minute Offsite CPD presentation.

3 day masterclass.

.......and anything inbetween!

Experience & Expertise


We work with consultants whose modular expertise has been applied to many international projects across the globe for such clients such as: Marriot & Hilton Hotels, Tata Steel (Corus),
Mc Donalds Restaurants Ltd. and the Malaysian Government.



Global Offsite Resources


Since the company was founded, bmpr Offsite has made itself available to trade associations and Offsite specialist companies from around the world.






Want to improve the quality and sustainability of your prefabricated modular product to make you more attractive to your clients?


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Editorials Offsite Supporting Saudi Arabian

Affordable Housing Challenge


Keynote speaker at the Building Technology Conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was not a position that was on my list of anticipated engagements in 2017. Tom Hardiman, Board Member of the Modular Building Institute in the US had recommended to the organisers that I would be an appropriate fit, so when invited I was pleased to be able to take part in such an important event.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has a similar challenge to the United Kingdom in terms of a need for affordable housing. Current estimates indicate the urgent need to build 1.5 million houses over the next 5-7 years to catch up on the housing gap.


To put that into perspective, that represents 17 857 units per month, 4120 per week, and assuming a 5 day working week, 824 a day!


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