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Building Technology Conference - Riyadh - Presentation
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has a similar challenge to the United Kingdom in terms of a need for affordable housing. Current estimates indicate the urgent need to build 1.5 million houses over the next 5-7 years to catch up on the housing gap.
To put that into perspective, that represents 17 857 units per month, 4120 per week, and assuming a 5 day working week, 824 a day!
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Affordable Housing Report
A specialist consultancy for MMC & offsite, engaged nine collaborative sponsors and undertook an in depth study of recently completed affordable housing projects which used these technologies, and here provides answers to key questions that Housing Associations need to consider as theydevelop their future build strategies.
Affordable Housing Report.pdf
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Innovate Offsite Publication
Factory build methods can have on both the construction process and the through life performance of the building. Before we re-examine the benefits that are routinely rolled out by exponents of Offsite technology, it might be worthwhile repeating the question “what do we mean by Offsite?” To the anoraks, answering this question could keep us busy for the remainder of this article,not a good place to be. A simple definition and one that always use to remind myself what Offsite is or should be all about is this:“doing those activities in a factory that would otherwise normally be carried out on site”
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2015 Offsite Permanent Modular Construction Report
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