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For Manufacturers

  • Design new & innovative products to increase your offer to the market and therefore your potential sales revenue


  • Value engineer your product range making it a more cost effective solution for your clients


  • Show you how to manufacture your products in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly ways to save you manufacturing and waste disposal costs


  • Introduce your product range to the European market and maximize your sales potential


  • Make sure your products are accredited to European standards, making access to new markets simpler


  • Design corporate branding, websites and literature to bring your offer in line with others who have successfully brought their products to market



For Contractors / Developers / Architects / Clients

  • Carry out feasibility studies on your projects to determine where prefabrication will save you money


  • Design new & innovative custom made prefab products to suit the individual needs of your project and save you money


  • Show you how to integrate prefab with traditional build methods to give you the most cost effective solution


  • Show you how to improve the quality of your finished build and make you more attractive to your clients


  • Improve the sustainability of your build making you more attractive to your clients


  • Set up and host European visits to meet potential partners / clients and to see exemplar projects which have benefited from the use of prefabricated technologies



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