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Why Choose bmpr Offsite

bmpr offsite was born out of the idea that International manufacturing and construction companies, whose own prefabrication housing markets were still in their infancy, could benefit from the experience and expertise of those involved in projects and products that were successful in the UK and the rest of Europe.

We are a specialist construction consultancy working with Prefabricated Construction Technologies. We operate throughout the whole construction supply chain, using our consultants expertise to identify for our manufacturing clients the most cost effective ways to make, and our construction clients to incorporate, new and innovative forms of technology to construction projects.

Working on a vast array of projects, from low cost prefab offsite housing to high end modular hotels and hospitality projects, schools to hospitals, the markets we work in are as diverse as our service offering. Prefabricated Construction Technologies can offer key benefits when it comes to Sustainability. Selecting the right ones for a project can have a huge impact on its environmental credentials.


We work with consultants whose expertise has been applied to many international projects across the globe for such clients such as: Marriot & Hilton Hotels, Tata Steel (Corus), Mc Donalds Restaurants Ltd. and the Malaysian Government.

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